Experienced, Community-Centered Leadership Focused On Our Kids’ And Teachers’ Success

Why I’m Running

In 2022, I was honored to be elected by our community to serve the remaining year of a vacated school board term. Over the past year, I’ve built strong relationships and focused on learning and understanding the complexities of our school district to become an effective board member. I’m proud to have helped lead efforts that positively impacted our students, teachers and families, including ensuring access to free, high-quality masks within our school buildings at no cost to our district as well as connecting administrators to a new, free mental health tool that provides early intervention and improves access to community resources.

I’m passionate about building on that momentum and serving our school district for another three years. Strong, experienced leadership is more important than ever as we work to prepare our kids for success in a rapidly changing world, support and hire excellent teachers and ensure our school district meets the needs of our local community.

Tara working at a School Board Retreat, where a draft of the 2023-2026 Strategic Plan was reviewed and discussed

Get Involved

We can’t do this without you. Your support makes the difference in electing the experienced leadership that’s vital to our school board. Please consider helping in any way – big or small!