About Tara

Putting my experience and skills to work for our school district

I’ve lived in Webster Groves for most of my life. I went to school here and now my own kids go to those same schools. I have a 2nd grader at Bristol and a 6th grader at Hixson. Until recently, like many parents in our district, I was a full-time working parent, juggling a demanding career while doing my best to support my children’s education.

In the last decade of my career, I worked closely with senior executives within multiple divisions at a large, global corporation to develop growth and organizational strategies. While in this role, I relied on my ability to listen carefully, analyze information, ask important questions, think critically, and communicate effectively, while always working toward the company’s broader, long-term goals. 

I’m confident that these skills, along with my passion for serving and life-long connection to our district, will make me a valuable member of our school board.

My 4th grade school picture from Bristol Elementary in 1987

Facilitating a virtual Halloween party for my son’s 1st grade class in 2020

Our kids’ success is my top priority

I’ve watched our district evolve over the years, and I know that it serves as the heart of our community. Last year, like many others, my family was impacted by the pandemic. I made the difficult decision to leave my career at a global corporation to support my kids’ education through a year of virtual learning. My daily life changed from working with executives in conference rooms to sitting on my kids’ bedroom floors and helping them with school lessons. It was a powerful experience that inspired me to want to give back to our community. I’m committed to bringing that same level of dedication to all of the kids and teachers in our school district.

Supporting our teachers and students is urgently important

I was privileged to personally witness the importance of our teachers as I sat in class with my kids each day. Faced with unimaginable challenges, they rose up, adapted, and built strong classroom communities where our kids could learn and succeed. They were quite simply amazing. Our teachers are the most critical component of our children’s education. I believe it’s more important than ever to ensure that they have the tools and resources necessary to tackle whatever comes their way. Our kids also need us – all of our kids. As we continue to navigate the pandemic and its effects, our focus on what each student needs to flourish and succeed within our schools is key.

A public education system with engaged teachers and successful students strengthens and enriches us all.

My daughter’s first day of kindergarten at Bristol Elementary in 2015

A proactive approach and long-term vision

In the past couple of years, we’ve all experienced the reality of a rapidly changing world. The ability to adapt, plan and prepare is crucial. Even before the pandemic, technological advancements were changing our daily lives faster than ever — and that pace is only expected to increase. In the 13 years of a child’s K-12 education, the world changes drastically. Preparing our kids for the future is vital to their success. My professional background in strategy development offers our school district a unique perspective as it embarks on its strategic planning process over the next year. I enjoy digging into complex challenges, understanding trends and projections, identifying the interconnectedness of issues, and finding solutions that align with long-term goals. Viewing our district’s future through a proactive and strategic lens has never been more important.

Community-supported, positive solutions

We’re fortunate to live in an active and engaged community, made stronger with the collective strength of diverse voices. It’s vital to listen to everyone within our district — administrators, teachers, students and community members — and come together to work toward positive solutions for our schools. There’s always work to do and always room for improvement. As we determine the future we want for our district, encouraging healthy discourse along the way is the goal. That’s my commitment today and as we go forward together. Different perspectives lead to stronger and more successful outcomes, and, in the process, allow a wonderful opportunity to model this important lesson for our kids.