About Tara

Community & Career

WGSD Connection
I’ve lived in the Webster Groves School District community for most of my life. I attended Bristol, Steger, Hixson and WGHS. Today, I have a 7th grader at Hixson and a 3rd grader at Bristol. Whether I’m volunteering as a parent, attending events or working on behalf of the Board of Education, I love spending time in our schools. The energy is so inspiring! I’m grateful our community elected me to serve our school district and I hope to continue serving in the years to come.

Professional Experience
My professional background is in strategic planning and market research. Most recently, at Enterprise Holdings, I collaborated with top executives to develop growth and organizational strategies focused on the company’s long-term goals. In that role, I worked closely with business leaders across multiple divisions to understand and communicate complex issues and develop innovative solutions. My experience working at large, global corporations helped me learn how to effectively work toward common goals alongside people who have a variety of different ideas and perspectives.

Year One Priorities

Building Relationships That Work
Strong relationships rooted in trust and respect are critical for successful outcomes. I’ve prioritized building relationships throughout our school district community, starting with my board colleagues. While we may have different opinions, experiences and backgrounds, we’re all working toward the common goal of preparing our students for success in life. For any organization to function at its highest level, the ability to effectively collaborate and compromise are key. That begins with having trust and respect for one another. It’s a privilege to engage and actively help build that rapport. Beyond the board, I’m focused on developing closer relationships with district and school administrators, teachers, parents, students and community members. Together, we can achieve any goal when we know and understand one another and have solid working relationships.

Learning & Understanding
It takes time to gain a full understanding and appreciation of the role and responsibilities of serving on our school board. I’m dedicated to continuing to learn how I can be most effective and to deepening my understanding of the complexities of our school district – its structure, processes, procedures and individual school building cultures. This past year, I volunteered to serve as a liaison in nine areas — five district committees, two schools and two district partnerships. My goal is to develop and hone the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully serve every student in our district. I’m committed to continuing to volunteer to serve in capacities where I’ve had less exposure as a school district parent, areas where I have an opportunity to learn and grow.

Committees: Strategic Planning, Finance, Curriculum, Wellness, Legislative Advocacy

Schools & Partnerships: Bristol Elementary, Hixson Middle School, Special School District, City of Rock Hill

Accomplishments Since April 2022 Election

• Spent time in every school building in our district to better understand each unique culture
• Completed Certified Board Member training
• Attended Missouri School Board Association conference to learn how districts across the state are addressing today’s most pressing educational issues

Equitable Problem-Solving
• Ensured free, high-quality masks were provided to students and teachers upon request – at no additional cost to the district

• Negotiated amendments to the district’s COVID plan to ensure parents had access to adequate data to make the most informed health and safety decisions for their kids

• Provided ideas and suggestions to strengthen the strategic plan
• Shared feedback with administrators on the planning process

Student Wellness
• Connected district leadership to a free mental health tool that enables early intervention and access to community resources to help reduce high-risk mental health issues in our student population