Vision for Our School District

Preparing our Kids for success in a rapidly changing world

Our world is changing faster than ever before. Our job as a school district is to make sure our students are prepared for jobs and careers that don’t exist today. Basic academics are fundamental to our students’ success and, facing an unknown future, the human skills of problem-solving, adaptability, collaboration, empathy, a sense of community and an appreciation of a lifetime of learning are equally essential. Preparing students through new learning opportunities and challenges will benefit them immensely after they leave our district to enter a world that demands flexibility, grit and emotional intelligence.

Retaining and recruiting excellent teachers

Our teachers are the lifeblood of our school district. They implement our mission and inspire our students – their impact is far-reaching. Our students, in fact, often discover their paths because of great teachers. It’s important to understand teachers’ perspectives and support their crucial role in our district community. At the same time, we must continue to find creative ways to attract new teachers. The past few years have been difficult and, as in so many industries and vocations, teachers have been leaving the profession. Our ability as a district to retain and recruit excellent teachers is imperative to our district’s success in preparing our students to excel in the world beyond their WGSD experience.

Ensuring our school district reflects our community

I’ve been part of the Webster Groves School District community for most of my life. I understand its legacy and traditions as well as its many opportunities. Like most communities, we have challenges, but we’ve always come together to support our schools. It’s more important than ever to stay connected and to move forward, united in our goal to provide every child the very best education. Listening to and understanding one another is our path forward, standing firmly against divisiveness, and resolutely creating solutions and success together. As a school board member, it’s a privilege to serve and to have a positive impact by helping connect community, centered on our school district.